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Here at The Word Jar we can assist with:


Translating everything from brochures and manuals to websites and certificates. Our team of skilled linguists specialise in various different subjects making sure you have the most accurate translation possible.




We offer both Consecutive translation (when the interpreter speaks after the speaker) and Simultaneous translation (live translation with booths and headsets) in a variety of different languages.




Content can make or break a company which is why we feel it is a very important aspect of any business. Our professional content writers are very experienced and ready to assist and provide samples where necessary.




In Addition to content creation, translation and interpreting, we also offer a variety of design services, so whether it’s photoshopping an image or creating a logo, The Word Jar can assist with a variety of services.


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Medical Content

Within our language department we have a sub-department dedicated to medical translations, we also have experience with medical interpreting

Voice Over

We have a dedicated voice over team of men, women and children of all ages, please contact us for samples and details.

Proof Reading

Our language department are able to proof read documents checking for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


We are able to transcribe and translate audio files as well as embed them into .mp4 files as subtitles.