Translations and Interpreting in Harwell

We offer a range of services in Harwell


Translation in Harwell

Translating everything from brochures and manuals to websites and certificates. Our team of highly skilled linguists specialise in a variety of different subjects, making sure you have the most accurate translation possible.

Translation is not only about bridging the gap between two languages, it is also the bridge between cultures which is why we believe it is important that it is done properly. At The Word Jar, all members of staff are qualified and hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field. For specialist texts, we are happy to provide a small sample before beginning translation, this is so you can ensure you are content with the style of translation before we proceed.


Interpreting in Harwell

We offer both Consecutive Interpreting (when the interpreter listens to the speaker and then proceeds to relay the message to the audience once the speaker has stopped speaking) and Simultaneous Interpreting (live translation with booths and headsets) in a variety of different languages.

We will advise you on the type of interpreting you require once we know more about the event. For example, for a business meeting between 3-4 individuals, Consecutive Interpreting would be preferable. However for a larger event, it would make more sense to have headsets and booths so that the audience are not kept waiting, and the message is relayed in real time.


Content Creation in Harwell

Content is an important part of most aspects of business, it can be responsible for anything from giving a first impression on a website, to selling a product on an advert. For that reason, we feel it is a very important aspect of any business. Our professional content writers are experienced and ready to assist. At The Word Jar, we understand that you may require a specific style of writing, it is for that reason that we provide complimentary samples from a selection of our team so that you can verify that the style is right for you before you proceed with the remaining text.

Content can be written in the language you require to suit the audience it is intended for.


Design Services in Harwell

We offer a variety of design services making us a one-stop-shop for all of your translation and editing requirements.

Here are some of the design services we offer:

  • Type Setting
  • Logo Design
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Business Card Design
  • Label Design
  • Subtitling

Design is often overlooked or forgotten about, at The Word Jar we want to make the process as smooth as possible, so whether we are adding a translation to design files or creating a poster from scratch, we are here to assist in every step of the design process.


Voice Over in Harwell

We have a large team of Voice Over artists who specialise in an array of different areas such as television advertising, radio, documentaries, dubbing and much more. Should you require a Voice Over artist, we will ask for the type of voice you are looking for, we will then send you voice samples so that you can chose which team member’s voice you would like to proceed with.


Subtitling in Harwell

Here at The Word Jar, we are also able to offer subtitling. Subtitles may be required in the language of the original video or in another language, wither way, we are well equipped to handle the majority of subtitling requests.


Transcription in Harwell

In addition to subtitling, we also offer transcription. Transcription may be required in the following instances:

  • A written version of an interview is required
  • Minutes of a meeting
  • Transcript of a MP3 files

A transcript of an MP4 file may also be requested without the need for it to be made into subtitles.


If you would like to contact us with any questions or queries, please write to us at [email protected] alternatively, please fill in the contact form.